‘A truly captivating story with multiple layers that create a very
dynamic and evocative experience. Every character adds so many
elements to the story that by the time you finish one chapter to get
an update on one of them you want to read the next one because
you wonder what the others are up to.’

John, Goodreads

‘The author’s writing style is fluid and extremely easy
to read. Clear and concise description made one read
every word with enthusiastic ease.’

Sarah-Jane, Goodreads

‘Her emotive language is so stunning and draws you into each character.’
Claire, Goodreads

‘I love the raw nature of how the author delivers the story.’
Tess, Goodreads

‘’s one of them !!! - those books you just can’t put down and are
itching to see the continuum of... even demand it! Certainly captivating.’

Oli, Goodreads

‘The emotion that runs through the whole book is so raw.’
Deanne, Goodreads

‘An emotional, well-plotted and character-driven narrative.’
Anthony, Amazon

‘Jessica describes so well, getting into even the tiniest detail.’
Thabiso, Goodreads

‘I am so impressed with the fluidity of her writing and it was an
enthralling read that found me not wanting to put the book down.’

Alex, Goodreads

‘I think what struck me the most about this novel is how relatable
it is. Not all of us have been through the exact same struggles that
Sienna faces in the novel but we can all relate, on some level,
to the pain of holding onto something so dear to you,
even when it starts to destroy you as an individual.’

Beatrice, Amazon

‘A wonderfully entertaining novel that captivated me from page one.
The author’s construction of the characters was very well done.’

Jeanne, Goodreads

‘A passionate captivating story filled with love, heartache and
wonder that will take you on a relatable journey enriched with twists
and turns that will keep you guessing and asking for more.’

Ashley, Goodreads

‘This story of new beginnings and
leaving the past behind is worth reading.’

Rosemarie, Goodreads

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